Jean Gregoire Sagbo: The First Black Politician of Russia

by Dorenda W. Madkins


48 year old Jean Gregoire Sagbo was born in Benin, South Africa. He relocated to Moscow, Russia over 21 years ago with a goal of studying Russian economics. Although he has African roots, the people of Russia accepted him as a Russian. This is a huge step from when he first moved to Russia and people use to stare at him in the streets because they had never seen a black man. Mr. Sagbo showed goodwill before ever being elected as a political figure. He is known to have spent money from his personal account to rid his neighborhood of garbage. Sagbo formed a team of volunteers and would begin his daily routine of removing the garbage that filled his neighborhood streets. He showed outstanding community service by physically aiding in the construction of playgrounds for children. His love for humanity shined thorough in all of his goodwill and non profit work in the Russian community. Sagbo has also provided his help in helping to keep the public toilets of the city clean.


a year after another black man by the name of Joaquin Crima running for this position with fail, Sagbo was elected as the first black man in the history of Russian politics. His focus while in office is to aide in eliminating garbage from the streets of Novozavidovo. There is no doubt that he sill succeed with an already successful history before being elected. Sagbo will also work towards helping those who are addicted to drugs come clean. One of the most important projects he intends on achieving is providing the mass of families without heat in their homes a warm home. He has the hopes of rejuvenating the town of Novozavidova. Jean Gregoire Sagbo is an amazing figure in history with a bright future in politics.

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